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The Top 50 Viral Videos of 2012 (Or: My Increasing Separation from My Culture)

This was posted earlier today on Andrew Sullivan's site:

Of these, I've seen:

  • #47: Fishing for Sharks
  • #45: Duck Run (should be higher)
  • #42: Man Has Conversation with 12-Year-Old Self
  • #25 Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Daughter
  • #17 Michelle Jenneke Warm-Up Dance 
  • #11 Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal
  • #1 Gangam Style (of course)

About 1/7 of them. Appropriate that I've seen more in the 40s since that's me: 49. But seriously? Only one from 1-10? And what the hell is a Nicole Westbrook? 13 million views for that thing? And are these things ranked by views?

My favorite of the bunch is Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal. By far. It's a beautiful thing. Here's the full monty:

Two things:

I couldn't believe this was from earlier this year. Seemed ages ago. I guess it was in Internet years, which are like dog years. Bang zoom.

Like everyone, I tear up watching this. All the work what went into it. The community atmosphere. The lady in red, who seems both lead dancer and choreographer. But mostly it's the joy and disbelief and love on the girl's face. Generally you see the work that went into something like this and think, “She better be worth it.” But here you see her reaction and you know: She is.

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