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The Songs of Captain America

1n 1975, my friend Dan Roach and I, nerdlinger comic book collectors both, wrote a song called “Captain America” to the tune of “Theme from Rockford Files,” an instrumental song in want of lyrics, which was just hitting the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

In honor of the Captain America movie coming out Friday, not to mention a brain stuffed with the inconsequential, here are the lyrics:

Captain America
Throw your mighty shield
Beat the enemy
Do not yield

Captain America
It is up to you
A living symbol
Red white and blue

Through the years you've fought for worldwide peace
Your fight for freedom, will never, never, never

Captain America
Throw your mighty shield
Beat the enemy
Do not yield

--from the song “Captain America”: Music by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter; Lyrics by Dan Roach and Erik Lundegaard

OK, a bit derivative of the 1966 cartoon theme song (shield/yield), but we were 12. Stick around, true believers, and I may regale you with “The Night Gwen Stacey Died,” to the tune of “The Night Chicago Died.” Excelsior!

Still from the Captain America theme song (1966)

“Beat the enemy, do not yield”

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