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The Sky People Are Speaking

The weekend actuals are in and we have a new no. 1 movie of the year! Hauling in $15.1 million, it's...“Daybreakers,” the new no. 1 movie of all 2010 releases. Congratulations! Guess you can't keep a bad vampire down.

Oh, and “Avatar” was the no. 1 movie in the country again for the fourth weekend in a row and has now surpassed “Transformers 2” as the highest-grossing domestic release of 2009, while its worldwide box office is at $1.34 billion, no. 2 all-time by a mile. So, yeah, good job there, too, Jimmy C.

I keep wondering when it's going to drop big time but it's got staying power like no movie since... “Titanic.” Example: It opened in the mid-$70 million range, which is less than half of “Dark Knight”'s opening weekend, and yet, four weeks later, the domestic totals of the two films are comparable: After 24 days, “Dark Knight” had $441 million, “Avatar” has $430 million. Plus “DK” was coming off a fourth-weekend total of $26 million. And remember:“The Dark Knight” actually had staying power. That's what's amazing about all of this. Cameron's movie has a real shot of beating both “Titanic” records: the $600 million it made domestically and the $1.8 billion it made worldwide. Cameron's only competition is himself.

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Posted at 04:21 PM on Mon. Jan 11, 2010 in category Movies - Box Office  


Tim wrote:

I guess I should see this "Avatar" thing so I know what everybody's talking about.
Comment posted on Mon. Jan 11, 2010 at 06:42 PM

Mister B wrote:

Me, too. When did this movie come out? I had no idea.

We're probably going on Wednesday night. Tim, if you can wait until then, would you like to join us?
Comment posted on Mon. Jan 11, 2010 at 07:38 PM
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