Monday January 11, 2010

The Sky People Are Speaking

The weekend actuals are in and we have a new no. 1 movie of the year! Hauling in $15.1 million, it's...“Daybreakers,” the new no. 1 movie of all 2010 releases. Congratulations! Guess you can't keep a bad vampire down.

Oh, and “Avatar” was the no. 1 movie in the country again for the fourth weekend in a row and has now surpassed “Transformers 2” as the highest-grossing domestic release of 2009, while its worldwide box office is at $1.34 billion, no. 2 all-time by a mile. So, yeah, good job there, too, Jimmy C.

I keep wondering when it's going to drop big time but it's got staying power like no movie since... “Titanic.” Example: It opened in the mid-$70 million range, which is less than half of “Dark Knight”'s opening weekend, and yet, four weeks later, the domestic totals of the two films are comparable: After 24 days, “Dark Knight” had $441 million, “Avatar” has $430 million. Plus “DK” was coming off a fourth-weekend total of $26 million. And remember:“The Dark Knight” actually had staying power. That's what's amazing about all of this. Cameron's movie has a real shot of beating both “Titanic” records: the $600 million it made domestically and the $1.8 billion it made worldwide. Cameron's only competition is himself.

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