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Tuesday March 13, 2018

The Royal Way

Lorenzo Cain scoring the go-ahead run in the final game of the 2015 ALCS

Passion, check. Innocence, check. Urgency, check. Fun, double check. 

“I tell players all the time. I tell them, ‘Look, your number one responsibility is to grow the game. You have an opportunity to play the game because somebody did it so well and made it look like so much fun that you thought, ’Yes! I want to be a ballplayer.'

”That's your responsibility now, to play this game so that someone watching thinks, ‘You played this game with passion, you did it through injury, you did it with innocence, you did it with urgency.’ You made it look so fun that some boy or little girl says, ‘Boy, I’d like to do this someday.' That's your calling. The rest will work itself out.“

— KC Royals GM Dayton Moore, ”As Royals Reset, Moore of Same from GM," by Joe Posnanski

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