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Miss Me Yet: The Response

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Reed wrote:

I'm so disappointed in everyone. Based on the positions they've taken, all the Republican candidates (save Paul) have said that they think every one of Bush's policies were 100% correct in dealing with every relevant issue. Yet none of them will give him a lick of “credit” for them. I'm disappointed because our media refuses to even mention the comparison. Romney's hired 37 people directly from the Bush administration, yet nobody even asks him what he stands for. And I'm disappointed in our citizenry for being too stupid to care. Of course the dittoheads out there love to quickly crow “Obama's even worse!” which would be a hilarious thing if it wasn't such a terrifying indication of what's to come. We know what a Romney presidency would be. George Bush III (aka Even More Debt and Destruction). And the third in a trilogy almost always turns out to be even worse than the sequel.

Comment posted on Sat. May 05, 2012 at 10:50 AM
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