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Friday May 25, 2018

The Only Derek Jeter T-Shirt I'd Wear

Jordan Shusterman, a writer over at, has a piece from earlier this month called “Let's appreciate how long Ichiro has been playing professional baseball.” It's mostly timeline, and not bad, although my version would include different historic markers. But I like this one: Shohei Otani was born two years after Ichiro began playing professional baseball with the Orix BlueWave. How about that?

But that's not the best historic marker. This one is.

Derek Jeter retires

It's the combo of words and images. Jeter seems to be celebrating with us that he's leaving. It's like, Thank god! 

In reality, Jeter was celebrating because his last at-bat at Yankee Stadium yielded a game-winning single. It was a meaningless game—the Yanks missed the post-season by a big margin that year—so why such excitement? Because it helped secure his legacy and legend. It was another “Derek Jeter moment.” It was all about him. 

But if you put the above on a T-shirt, I'd wear it. It's the only Derek Jeter T-shirt I'd be caught dead in.

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