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The New Asshole

Going through security at SeaTac, and grabbing one of those gray plastic bins for my shoes, which were off, and my watch, which was off, and my computer bag, which still had the computer in it, I saw an ad on the bottom of the plastic bin:

The NEW BUSY would have their BELTS OFF by NOW

First thought: Is it a good ad when the response of almost everyone who reads your ad is: “Fuck you”?

Posted at 09:11 AM on Fri. Jul 30, 2010 in category Microsoft  


Uncle Vinny wrote:

Easily the worst ad campaign in MSFT's recent history. I hate the people who made the ads, approved the ads, and (for no functionality-based reason) hate Hotmail even more than I used to.
Comment posted on Fri. Jul 30, 2010 at 05:31 PM
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