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The Meticulous Fall of the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies

I'm sure this has been talked about elsewhere, particularly in Philly, but I had to comment on it. Because I've never seen a team that went from the pinnacle (World Series champions) to the depths (last in their division) so meticulously; that hit every rung on the ladder on its way down. It's almost impossible to be this precise in such a chaotic world. 

It goes like this.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series in six games over the Tampa Bay Rays.They were champions of the world. OK, champions of Major League Baseball, but that's like being champions of the world, no matter what some say. 

Year by year, this is what they've done since:

  • 2009: Lost the World Series, 4-2
  • 2010: Lost the NLCS, 4-2
  • 2011: Lost the NLDS, 3-2
  • 2012: Finished 3rd in its five-team division, 81-81, 17 GB
  • 2013: Finished 4th in its five-team division, 73-89, 23 GB
  • 2014: Finished 5th in its five-team division, 73-89, 23 GB

The precision in their fall is amazing. It should actually be applauded. Fans should hold up signs: 9.6. It's the Greg Louganis of falls.  

The good news for its fans? The team can't fall any lower. Well, worst team in baseball, I guess. They'd have to lose a dozen or so more games. If that manage it, I'm changing my score from 9.6 to 10. That's perfection.

Has any other team ever done this? Does anyone know? 

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