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Wednesday September 25, 2013

The Lessons of 'Star Wars,' Doofus Edition

Courtesy of “Breaking Bad,” season 3, episode 9: “Kafkaesque,” written by Peter Gould and George Mastras:

Jesse: What's the point of being an outlaw when you got responsibilities?
Badger (thoughtful): Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the Death Star.
Skinny Pete: True that. Two of them bitches.

God, I laughed.

P and I have been playing catch-up with “Breaking Bad” and are now in season 5. We hope to be done before the final show so we can watch it with all y'all.

More thoughts later. I'm not as enamored of the show as some, but then some think it's the best show ever and that spot has been taken.

Here's the scene:

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