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The Kochs: Scapegoating the Other with the Kochs' Own Crimes

The following, another great case of right-wing projection, is from Bill McKibbon's review of Jane Mayer's book, “Dark Money,” which is all about how the Koch Brothers and Scaifes and other right-wing richie riches are undermining democracy:

Dark Money by Jane MayerSometimes the hypocrisy ran so deep that it almost seemed like an inside joke. In 2009, Americans for Prosperity ran a TV ad attacking environmental laws featuring “a louche-looking young man, plucking away at a plate of canapés.” He identified himself as

Carlton, the wealthy eco-hypocrite. I inherited my money and attended fancy schools. I own three homes and five cars, but always talk with my rich friends about saving the planet. And I want Congress to spend billions on programs in the name of global warming.

As Mayer points out, it was David Koch, founder of AFP, who had inherited hundreds of millions, gone to Deerfield, owned four homes including an eighteen-room Park Avenue duplex, and drove a Ferrari.

Or check out the way a young Scaife graduated college. (Psst: It wasn't through hard work.)

The right keeps doing this: scapegoating the other with the right's own crimes. Cf. the Nazis. Which, yes, is how the Koch brothers fortune was made—via Nazi Germany.

Are you reading Mayer's book yet? Shouldn't you be?

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