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Friday September 01, 2023

The Good, The Bad, and the Known For

Another conversation with IMDb:

  • Them: Who's Sergio Leone?
  • Me: You mean “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” guy?
  • The ... what? No no no, I'm talking the “Once Upon a Time in America” guy.
  • Oh sure, he directed that, too.
  • DIRECTED? Leone's not known for DIRECTING. He's a WRITER!
  • Really? I thought people thought of him as this great Spaghetti western director or something.
  • Shows what you know. He only directed like nine things. And he wrote 16. Ergo, he's known for writing.
  • Well...
  • And that other thing? “The Good, The Bad and the Whatever” you talked about? I don't know where you get your movie knowledge. “Duck, You Sucker!” Now that's the ticket.
  • I guess?
  • Believe you me.

As the great man said in better circumstances: And it just continues...

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