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The Frasco-Frisco Treat*

“This was San Francisco baseball. The Giants lost the World Series in seven games in '62. They lost the World Series of '89 that was better known for the earthquake. They lost the World Series in 2002 though they had a five-run lead with eight outs to go. But there was never the same angst in San Francisco about the losing that they feel in Cleveland or Boston or Chicago. There was, instead, a sense of anger and wonder. How could a team keep losing with all those great stars?

”And then ... this Giants team came along.“

óJoe Posnanski, ”San Francisco Finally Has a World Series Champion."

* how I heard the Rice-a-Roni jingle when I was a kid

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Posted at 06:55 AM on Fri. Nov 05, 2010 in category Baseball  
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