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Sunday June 05, 2022

The Birth of a Poster

  • Nice!
  • You like it?
  • Powerful! Except...
  • What? You think your name should be bigger? Or higher?
  • No, that's ... No, I'm thinking of the connotation.
  • Connotation?
  • That the nation began when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
  • Oh. Right. Huh.
  • Some people might not cotton to that. No pun intended.
  • Although ... isn't that the point of the movie?
  • No, not at all. The point of the movie is the nation began once Southerners heroically fought back against the Negroes that were ruining us. That's the point.
  • Right. So ... you want me to change the image?
  • Well, I like it. It's powerful. 
  • How about if we add a disclaimer?
  • What, like, “Don't worry, this isn't the birth of the nation”? 
  • No. Something about how much the South liked Lincoln. How Lincoln was the South's best friend.
  • Wow, that's some bullshit. You think we can get away with it?
  • We got away with the rest of it, didn't we?
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