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Saturday February 18, 2012

The Best Picture Nominees by Current IMDb Ranking

  • The Artist: 8.4
  • Hugo: 8.2
  • The Help: 8.0
  • Midnight in Paris: 7.8
  • Moneyball: 7.7
  • The Descendants: 7.7
  • War Horse: 7.3
  • The Tree of Life: 7.1
  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: 6.4

I'm a bit surprised that “The Help” is that high but I shouldn't be. I'm a bit surprised that “The Tree of Life” is that low but I shouldn't be. I should revisit in a year and see what's changed. Someone remind me. Vinny? Reed?

“The Help”: It's funny cuz it's untrue.

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