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The best movie of 2008

This thing is so beautiful it made me cry. It made me want to travel and dance. Check it out.

The first time I watched it, smiling at the goofy dance but more at the joyful way Matt does it, I thought about my own world travels, particularly when I was younger. But as the locales in the video piled up (Australia, Zanzibar, the Netherlands, Mexico), I wondered, first, “Wow, where’d he get the money for all this travel?” and, second, “So did he always just dance alone? Did no one join him? Didn’t he want anyone to join him?” Almost on cue, there’s that mad rush of people into the camera, culminating, as the music soars, with that ecstatic pile-up in Madrid. Tears began to well in my eyes at this point. Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places, it’s about making connections. At a time when most of us haven't been, here's someone who has. Life can be this way: big and together and uninhibited. If it's wish fulfillment, it still beats any wish-fulfillment fantasy coming out of Hollywood. But I don't think it is wish fulfillment. He made it happen, so can you. So can I. 

The music is gorgeous, too.

Favorite moments: The shift in colors from the deserts of Australia to the red tulip fields of Lisse, the Netherlands; the barking dog in Kuwait City; dancing in front of all of those guys in Turkey; the kids in the Solomon Islands and the Philippines and Mali; the DMZ; the girl in the red skirt in Warsaw; how absolutely HAPPY Matt looks in Papua, New Guinea; the wave in Tonga (of course); and Nellis Airspace, Nevada. But my absolute favorite moment is in Gurgoan, India. That's so wonderful. So much fun.

What about you? Favorite moments?

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Thomas wrote:

You name the best parts -- Gurgaon is beautiful. Somehow, I love watching the long hair bearded guy dancing in Paris (time 3:4. Then, there is this woman in Austin, Texas in a striped single piece dress fully engrossed in the dance (time 2:06) and the middle aged man in front left at Munich (time 2:20). And last but not least, there is a second dog in Seattle (time 4:12)
Comment posted on Mon. Jun 30, 2008 at 01:56 PM

Deb wrote:

You chose most of my favorite moments--Gurgoan, India was magical! But I also loved seeing Matt in the Solomon Islands crack up and stop dancing as he watched the children going crazy, and I loved the guy in the wheelchair in Los Angeles. The Christmas Island crabs were fun, too. I could watch it every day, and probably should.
Comment posted on Sun. Jul 06, 2008 at 08:45 PM
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