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The Avengers on Cloud Five/Nine

A few weeks ago my friend Tim, longtime illustrator, and webmaster (thwip!), started a new comic strip. “Cloud Five” is for all those folks who can't reach Cloud Nine, which is most of us. Probably 99% of us. Check it out.

The latest storyline is, well, timely (yes, that's a pun): Ted and friends checking out “The Avengers” premiere. Here's the first of that series:

Cloud Five by Tim Harrison: Avengers Accumulate!

Click on the strip, or here, for a bigger version of same.

I laughed out loud when I read that but Benny's malapropism, like the best malapropisms, turned out to be true: “The Avengers” have done nothing but accumulate the dough since being released overseas 11 days ago and in the U.S. four days ago. Somewhere, Disney and Marvel execs are on cloud nine.

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Posted at 06:39 AM on Tue. May 08, 2012 in category Movies - Box Office  
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