erik lundegaard

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Test Fail

“And Trump, too, is frightened and irked by the coronavirus invasion. This reporting from the New York Times deserves more attention:

”A senior administration official said the president was spooked that his valet, who is among those who serve him food, had not been wearing a mask. And he was annoyed to learn that Ms. Miller tested positive and has been growing irritated with people who get too close to him, the official said.

“Yet Trump is demanding we all put ourselves in positions just like this one, without the protections he enjoys.

”Indeed, even Republicans such as Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) concede we can't reopen the country safely without testing dramatically scaled up from what we have now. Trump's own officials have urged him in vain to lead by launching an ambitious national testing effort to facilitate this reopening.“

— Greg Sargent, ”Trump's latest effort to gaslight America is falling apart," The Washington Post

Think of the amount of time and money we‘ve lost because the president of the United States wants less information rather than more. Everything that everyone wants to do—be safe, find a vaccine, reopen for business ASAP—is contingent upon the very testing and contact tracing that Trump dismisses. Every day Trump makes America weaker. He did this before, too, but it’s much, much worse now. 

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