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Monday October 24, 2022


The 2022 Yankees are done—swept in the ALCS by Houston: 4-2, 3-2, 5-0, 6-5. They led for a half an inning in Game 1 and for 2 1/2 innings yesterday and that was it. Whenever the Yankees went on top, Houston scored right back—like the Yankees used to do. The Astros beat them in the ALCS in 2017, 2019 and 2022. They keep breaking their hearts—the way the Yankees used to keep breaking ours.

Their hitting was anemic. Sure, hitting has been at a premium this postseason, what with these great starters and monster bullpens—these no-name middle relievers who come out for an inning and throw 100 mph with 90 mph breaking stuff, only to hand the ball over to the next no-name guy who can do the same. But even with that, the Yankees hitting was anemic. Here are the four LCS teams:

  • Astros: .238/.326/.429
  • Phillies: .237/.296/.494
  • Padres: .202/.256/.333
  • Yankees: .162/.232/.269

The Phillies slugged nearly .500, the Yankees couldn't slug .300. They weren't even close to .300. And sure, Astros pitching. But in the ALDS, against the same guys, and despite that 18-inning shutout, the Mariners still had a better line: .195/.265/.313.

Just think about where they were earlier this summer. In mid-June, I was resigning myself to another Yankees pennant and probable title. They had a .750 winning percentage, were projected to win 122 games, were seemingly unstoppable. And then they were stopped. Judge kept soaring but the bottom fell out on the rest of the team. He held them up. But not here. In four games, he went 1-16. The one was a single. He was booed by the hometown fans. Not sure what that does to his value. Before, I couldn't imagine the Yankees not trying to sign him. Now? “What does he do in October?” That's the Yankees fan question. And the most recent answer for Judge is 1-16.

We're in historic territory. These are the three longest pennant droughts the Yankees have had since they bought Babe Ruth for $100k on Dec. 26, 1919:

  • 11 seasons: 1965-1975
  • 13 seasons: 2010-2022*
  • 14 seasons: 1982-1995


I'll enjoy it while I can. Take us out, Carey. Start spreading the news.

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