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Superman Screenshot of the Day

Iron Eater heads to Metropolis

As TV seasons progress, budgets shrink, and you wind up with characters like the above, the Iron Eater, a well-meaning .... um ... whatever ... from the first season of “The New Adventures of Superman” in 1966.

The Iron Eater is actually a meteorite that comes to life and has the added ability to transform itself into a perfect replica of anything: bridge, cop, signage. Superman winds up defeating it (of course) and flying it to an asteroid of iron, where it'll live happily ever after ... until it runs out of asteroid, I guess. Then maybe the cycle repeats itself.

I love the above for its absurdity. Who knew meteorites who come to life as monsters could read English?

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Posted at 11:06 AM on Sat. Jun 08, 2013 in category Superman Screenshot of the Day  
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