Monday November 14, 2016

Soul Searching

I stopped drinking early on election night—probably around 6:30 PM PST. Once all of the pundits started sounding confused, once the numbers began to come in badly, I sobered up fast. The impulse is to get trashed, blotto, sedated—for four years. But drinking suddenly seemed a luxury in a country so stupid it would actually elect Donald J. Trump its 45th president.

In the wake of that awful, awful night, a lot of pundits are suggesting the Democratic party needs to “soul search” about its loss. Except Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. What's the point of “soul searching” for why you lost when by any reasonable measure you won?

That said, the thing the Dems need to work on? Plain talk. And sticking the knife in when you get the chance. They were altogether too classy, too removed; they let Trump hang himself and he didn't. Or when he did, his supporters were there to prop him back up.

This is the bottom line for the divide between the Dems and the GOP, and it needs to be repeated and repeated and repeated:

The GOP wants to give more to those who have most; and they want to take away from those who have least. 

That's it. Say it over and over and over again. Don't be distracted. The discussion isn't the federal government; the discussion is what you do with the federal government. And the GOP wants the federal government to (what is it again?) give more to those who have most, and take away from those who have least. 

At bottom, it's an anti-Christian message. It's anti-Christ. They are anti-Christ. Definite article optional. 

That's my soul searching. I find that the Democratic party has one, the GOP doesn't. Now just make sure people know. 

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