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Monday March 26, 2018

Quote of the Day

From longtime reader Andrew Reed after seeing the David Simon quote I posted the other day, about the audience being a child:  

He adds: “This is why The Big Sick worked so well, and why almost everything JJ Abrams has done does not.” Yep.

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Monday April 25, 2016

Reader: Quit Bloviating

This arrived in my inbox while I was on vacation in Utah last week:

Please, quit bloviating about movies you haven't seen (Finest Hours) and pontificating about the box office of movies that don't deserve so much discussion (Batman v. Superman), get into the theater, and start writing insightful review essays, which is why I go to your blog.

Love bloviating/pontificating. And he got the “v” in “Batman v Superman” right. I've passed a few movie theaters where they added the “s.”

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