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Quote of the Day II

“There was very little sense that The New Republic was something that could be saved. After months—literally months—of being lied to and bullied around and made to feel like shit, all the while being studiously jargoned at when we asked for specifics about T.N.R.’s future, most people had had enough. It wasn’t just about the way Frank was fired, though that was awful. And it wasn’t just about Gabe’s hiring, though some had misgivings. It was more about: How can we work for these people?”

-- another unnamed editor in Ryan Lizza's must-read New Yorker piece, “Inside the Collapse of The New Republic,” on last week's mass resignations, as well as on the troubling spot journalism/news/seriousness is in, and has been in for most of this century. “Being studiously jargoned at” is the phrase I'll take with me. Holy crap, is that good.

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