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Quote of the Day: Harold Ramis

“I have a great respect for the moviegoing experience. Itís such a unique thing. Youíre not getting up and walking around the house or flipping channels during the dull parts. Youíre in a dark space, and the movie fills most of your field of vision. Youíre surrounded by sound, and the colors are deeply saturated, and faces are fifteen feet high. If itís done well, youíre really going to feel some big emotions or have some big belly laughs. Thatís why Iíve tried to stay away from mild satire. I want an audience to feel something more powerful for their ten bucks. If theyíre going to spend two hours with me, Iíd like to take them someplace special.”

-- Harold Ramis, who either wrote, directed or co-starred in (or all three) “Animal House,” “Caddyshack,” “Stripes,” “National Lampoon's Vacation,” “Ghostbusters” and “Groundhog Day,” in an interview with The Believer magazine in 2006. He died today at the age of 69.

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