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Quote of the Day (Disney Version)

“I encountered nothing in 15,000 miles of travel that disgusted and appalled me so much as this American addiction to make-believe. Apparently, not even empty bellies can cure it. Of all the facts I dug up, none seemed so significant or so dangerous as the overwhelming fact of our lazy, irresponsible, adolescent inability to face the truth or tell it.”

óJames Rorty, “Where Life is Better” (1936)

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Reed wrote:

Pretty fascinating that. You can apply it all kinds of ways and see how so many powerful people have exploited it over the years.

I just don't know if it's so “American.” It may really be human. I live in Argentina and even though the people here are extremely cynical and negative, they believe what they want to when it suits them. It also works if it's something negative and cynical.

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