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“The influence of films upon manners and morals can hardly be overestimated. Clark Gable wore no undershirt in 'It Happened One Night' and put a crimp in the undershirt industry. Hat manufacturers were irritated if a leading player wore no hat. Lobbyists were constantly at work in Hollywood attempting to get stars, male and female, to smoke; sometimes to get men to smoke cigars instead of cigarettes. I was offered a handsome gift if I could induce Ginger Rogers to smoke a cigar in a scene.”

-- Garson Kanin, “Hollywood.”

A lot to this subject. The influence.

Bogart smoking

The work of lobbyists? Or just selling what Hollywood (and you and I) wanted to buy?

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Posted at 05:39 PM on Sat. Mar 15, 2014 in category Quote of the Day  
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