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“The only compliment Chris or Guy ever said about a piece was that it ‘did well,’ or it ‘travelled well.’ If we had published Nietzsche’s ‘Birth of Tragedy,’ the only question would be, ‘Did it travel well?’ ‘Yes, Wagner tweeted it.’ ”

-- unnamed former staffer at The New Republic, talking about TNR publisher/owner Chris Hughes and CEO Guy Cidra, in Ryan Lizza's New Yorker piece, “Inside the Collapse of The New Republic,” which reflects upon last week's mass resignations. Apparently problems began in August. Prior to that, Hughes had been—from a journalist's perspective—a model owner. But the piece confirms that, soon after August, the writers/editors at TNR faced the usual sales-culture, digitadoo BS that most of us have heard for decades. Kudos to them for fighting the losing battle. 

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