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"Conservatives love to pretend they're the disability community's knights in shining armor when it suits their political purposes. In years past, they tried to co-opt us in the abortion debate by making both subtle and explicit claims that every gimp would be snuffed out in the womb were it not for them staying the liberals' murderous hand. The right has now adapted the tactic to the health care debate, portraying themselves as the defenders and protectors of us meek and vulnerable cripples who dwell in the shadow of a tyrannical and cruel government.

"I won't win any Pulitzers for this sentence, but they can take their false magnanimity and go fuck themselves...

"The only reason I'm able to live a life with any measure of dignity or independence is because of a government health plan. ... We need health care reform. I need it. Trig needs it. Kids and adults with every kind of disability need it.

"What we don't need is a bunch of screeching ideologues attempting to cynically exploit us for purposes of maintaining the status quo."

Mark Siegel, the 19th Floor.

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