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“I mention [the grousing of World War II soldiers] not just because of the day, but also because many of the indecent charlatans of our political class are making quite a meal out of e-mails that Bowe Bergdahl sent home to his parents in which he sounded disillusioned with America's mission in Afghanistan. Good god, is that where we're at now? A soldier's grousing is now a window into his 'treason,' which is presently being manufactured for domestic political consumption by a rabid exaltation of chickenhawks, and some military people who really ought to know better than to be used as cannon fodder by the ratfucking squad? I shudder to think what these mountebanks could have fashioned out of what the soldiers in the jungle who appeared in Michael Herr's 'Dispatches' said about Vietnam.

-- Charles P. Pierce, Esquire, ”The Bergdahl Chronicles: The Bitchening."

The New York Times editorial board, in this regard, is fed up with the hypocrisy of the GOP, too

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