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Sunday October 13, 2019

Quote of the Day

“I think they have a lot of respect for us. It's the first time they‘ve ever respected us. I think China has a lot of respect for me and for our country and for what we’re doing, and I think they can't believe what they‘ve gotten away with for so many years.”

— Donald Trump, last week, in an executive order-signing ceremony at the White House

Sure thing. Here’s an image from “Detective Chinatown 2,” which was released during Chinese New Year in 2018:

And here's an excerpt from my review of the film:

The U.S.'s most recent and embarrasing export is also visible. Apparently New York City has a police chief who has messy strawlike hair, talks in a bullying manner, and mentions the need to build a wall along the west coast to keep the Chinese out. In case anyone missed the connection, the first time we see him he pops up in front of a giant portrait of Pres. Trump.

Anecdotal, but let's face it: China's not putting that in the film if they think it‘ll turn off Chinese moviegoers. It didn’t. After its run, “Detective Chinatown 2” was the third-highest grossing film in Chinese history.

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