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Thursday November 29, 2018

Quote of the Day

“It is damaging and troubling enough that a candidate for the Presidency, throughout his primary campaign, was actively pursuing a business deal that required a favor from the President of a rival nation. It is damaging enough to learn that the President, his children, his business partners, and his campaign officials lied and dissembled frequently about this deal and other contacts with Russia. It places the need for Mueller to complete his investigation in even sharper light. Cohen's revelations call into question much of what Donald Trump and others have said publicly and, perhaps in some cases, under oath, regarding his business interests. It's a point that Adam Schiff, the presumptive future chair of the House Intelligence Committee, made, saying that, after Cohen's guilty plea, ‘We believe other witnesses were untruthful before our committee.’”

— Adam Davidson, “Michael Cohen's Disclosures Raise Serious Questions About Donald Trump and His Business Interests,” New Yorker, after the revelations today from Trump's former lawyer. Check it out, too, for “The pathetic part of the Cohen story...”

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