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Thursday November 05, 2015

Quote of the Day

“Baseball is meant to break our hearts, as Bart Giamatti kept telling us, but he never said what to do with the pieces.”

-- Roger Angell, Mets fan, in his piece, “Gonezo,” on the New Yorker site. He's mostly talking about this year's World Series but he realizes other teams have it worse (cf., Pirates). I would argue other teams have it worser (cf., Mariners). But I suppose what I felt with the M's this year was less heartbreak than ennui. Heartbreak was last year's World Series or this year's Super Bowl. The closer you get, the greater the heartbreak. Fans of the Mariners, who haven't been close since 2001, are lucky in this regard. Super lucky.

Elsewhere, the New York Times sports staff collects its World Series memories to forget.

Kansas City Royals: World Series Champions 2015

A Royal flush of hearbreak for Mets fans.

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