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“Gleeful Action Porn Provides Glimpse Into Hell”

-- Headline for Jeffrey Wells' scathing piece on the new action blockbuster, “Furious 7,” which opens Friday.

Other quotes from the review:

Furious 7 is odious, obnoxious corporate napalm on a scale that is better left undescribed. It is fast, flashy, thrompy crap that dispenses so much poison it feels like a kind of plague. Wan’s film is certainly a metaphor for a kind of plague that has been afflicting action films for a good 20-plus years.


I hated the first 65 minutes of Furious 7 so much that I was literally twitching and flinching in my seat and making little squeaky moaning sounds. I was checking my watch every five minutes, wondering how much more of this crap I could take. I was firing psychic hate grenades at the screen.

Haven't seen “Furious 7,” the sequel to “Fast & Furious 6,” which was the sequel to “Fast Five,” which began in 2001 as the reboot of “The Fast and the Furious” (definite articles long dropped), but I certainly know where Wells is coming from. I've felt that way about many films, including this, that and that. And this. And any of these. Adn there's no end in sight.

Furious 7

Furious 7, looking more bored than furious. 


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