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Wednesday September 24, 2014

Quote of the Day

“In honor of the Jeter, maybe the Yankees should disband. How can they possibly go on?”

-- Jerry Grillo, writer, husband, father, and fan of Willie Mays, during a Facebook discussion on how Jetered-out we have all become in this, Jeter's final, interminble retirement year. I, of course, have been saying similar things for a while (in May, July, mid-July, later July, end of July, early September, and mid-September, to name a few) but it took a rant from Keith Olbermann to get everyone else talking about it. Now even Yankee fans are admitting, yeah, maybe it is a bit much. 

After another 0-fer today in the Yankees' elimination game, Jeter's got four left. Nobody pull any Denny McLain shit now. 

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