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Tuesday November 13, 2012

Quote of the Day

“Here is the real world in proportion:

”David Petraeus has had sex outside his marriage, as have many men and many women. Human sexuality and compulsion are not in any way related to intelligence. †Itís not that the dumb or powerful are more prone to fucking around, or that the intelligent and powerless do it to any greater degree. †Itís that men in general are hopelessly and permanently prone to contemplate sex and furtive romance and, sometimes, to act on it. † The reasons they do so are crude, ordinary and inevitable. † Women are also hopelessly and permanently prone to contemplate furtive romance and sex ó and yes, I changed the order, I know ó and the reasons they do so are only marginally less crude, ordinary and inevitable.

“Professionally, David Petraeus understood a helluva lot more than John McCain conveyed to Roger Simon in two minutes of conversation. †For one thing, if Mr. Simon wanted to be honest, he might acknowledge that it was Petraeus who saw the morass that was Iraq even as it began, who famously turned to a journalist on the march into Baghdad with the 101st Airborne and declared openly: †I know how this begins, but explain to me how this ends? †That alone makes the man more astute and more valuable than an entire White House, most of the Pentagon, and much of the American press corps, which itself failed to raise so much worry when war in Iraq was being debated, or rather, not seriously debated at all. †It certainly makes Petraeus smarter than most of America, which largely supported that disastrous intervention.”

--David Simon, “Stray Penises and Politicos,” from his own website, The Audacity of Despair. It describes my feeling about all of this better than anything I've read or even thought.

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