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'We did build that,' has already been established as one of the more dishonest political memes in a campaign season undisturbed by shame. The Republicans took a clumsy phrase from an Obama speech in July, in which the president pointed out that most American business successes have been assisted by infrastructure, education or incentives underwritten by the government. The Republican spin-masters whipped this into a preposterous claim that Obama denied American entrepreneurs any credit for their creations. The fact that this slogan has been thoroughly debunked has not kept it from being the defining theme in Tampa.“

--Bill Keller, ”Lies, Damn Lies and GOP Video," on The New York Times site.

What's the mandate if Romney wins? What's the lesson? The GOP always contends that people get ahead by hard work; if Romney wins, it will be obvious to all but the most blinkered that he won with money and lies ... which at least will be a more honest appraisal of the way the world works.


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Reed wrote:

Last week Rachel Maddow was talking about how evasive GOP politicians are about their actual positions, with the latest example being Paul Ryan fleeing from the language in the bill he co-sponsored in the House that detailed “forcible rape” as different than the non-forcible variety. It's not about Ryan's denial of his own belief's, but it is a TEST for the media. Is the media actually a media? Do they actually hold people to account for the things they've said?

The parade of lies trotted out by the GOP is yet another test for the media. Romney's campaign has said that they're not concerned about facts or fact checkers or honesty. They have given anyone who cares about truth the finger. What does the media do given this context? Do they accept it? This is either continued progression we've seen since at least “Al Gore said he invented the internet.” The extreme GOP is now taking this tactic to its logical extreme. Will the media accept it? Will they keep “calling it even” and say “Dems said the sky is blue, Repubs said it's whatever color is most politically expedient this week.”?

Because if they do actually call Romney and his team out for so much BS, they have no chance to win the election.

Comment posted on Wed. Aug 29, 2012 at 07:37 AM
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