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Thursday December 01, 2016

He Ain't Wrong

“For a while I would check in with social media and I would interact with it. It was fun, for like a minute. And then it went horrible on me.”

-- singer/songwriter Mason Jennings in the Star-Tribune article, “Mason Jennings contemplates the future of his music career: The Minnesota musician struggles to make sense of social media and industry upheaval.”

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Tuesday November 29, 2016

Never My President

“He will never be my president because he doesn't read books, can't write more than a sentence or two at a time, has no strong loyalties beyond himself, is more insular than any New Yorker I ever knew, and because I don't see anything admirable or honorable about him. This sets him apart from other politicians. The disaffected white blue-collar workers elected a Fifth Avenue tycoon to rescue them from the elitists — fine, I get that — but they could've chosen a better tycoon. One who served in the military or attends church or reads history, loves opera, sails a boat — something — anything — raises llamas, plays the oboe, runs a 5K race now and then, has close friends from childhood. I look at him and there's nothing there.”

-- Garrision Keillor, SF Gate, “Life after the election,” which is mostly about changing a light bulb but includes some earlier good political thrashing about, a “How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb,” and some more lovely, spot-on thoughts about being Minnesotan.

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Tuesday November 15, 2016

Genocidal Old Party

“On November 8, the most powerful country in world history, which will set its stamp on what comes next, had an election. The outcome placed total control of the government — executive, Congress, the Supreme Court — in the hands of the Republican Party, which has become the most dangerous organization in world history.

”Apart from the last phrase, all of this is uncontroversial. The last phrase may seem outlandish, even outrageous. But is it? The facts suggest otherwise. The Party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand.

“Is this an exaggeration? Consider what we have just been witnessing.

”During the Republican primaries, every candidate denied that what is happening is happening—with the exception of the sensible moderates, like Jeb Bush, who said it's all uncertain, but we don't have to do anything because we're producing more natural gas, thanks to fracking. Or John Kasich, who agreed that global warming is taking place, but added that 'we are going to burn [coal] in Ohio and we are not going to apologize for it'...

“It is hard to find words to capture the fact that humans are facing the most important question in their history—whether organized human life will survive in anything like the form we know—and are answering it by accelerating the race to disaster.”

-- Noam Chomsky on He added that he, one of the most renowned linguists in the world, is at a loss for words. 

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Thursday November 10, 2016

Quote of the Day

“In his brief remarks [with President-Elect Trump], the President [Obama] left a great deal unsaid. Perhaps it was better this way. We need not contemplate the fact that his signature policy achievements, the Affordable Care Act and the Iran nuclear deal most notably, will be undone immediately. More distressingly, the very nature of Trump's campaign—its venomous bigotry, its radioactive contempt, its tribalism—may have already diminished Obama's significant cultural achievements. We revelled in the small moments of this Presidency: the image of a black man standing behind the Presidential Seal, quietly broadening our frame of reference for black men in this society; his open adoration of his wife, Michelle; the sight of his two daughters flourishing into young womanhood, recognizing along the way that we, a vast, sprawling, unwieldy entity, had common affinity for these two African-American teens. Trump's moment seems to represent an inversion of this. We now occupy an altogether less honorable place culturally. In the short term, at least, it seems that divisiveness has prevailed.”

-- Jelani Cobb, “Barack Obama in Defeat,” The New Yorker, Nov. 10, 2016

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Friday November 04, 2016

This Sums It Up

“As far as anyone can tell, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House — and the leader of what's left of the Republican establishment — isn't racist or authoritarian. He is, however, doing all he can to make a racist authoritarian the most powerful man in the world. Why? Because then he could privatize Medicare and slash taxes on the wealthy.

”And that, in brief, tells you what has happened to the Republican Party, and to America.“

-- Paul Krugman, ”Who Broke Politics?" in The New York Times


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