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Monday December 09, 2013

Quote of the Day

ďIím no great person but I do care about the right things. I work hard to do the right thing. And whatís happened here is wrong. Whatís happened to the players and coaches here is wrong. Whatís happened to this organization is wrong. Itís so wrong. I canít put it any better than that. Seattle Mariners logoAt some point in time, somebodyís got to stand up to them.Ē

-- Eric Wedge, former Mariners manager, on the Mariners' front office, including especially general manager Jack Zduriencik, president Chuck Armstrong, and CEO Howard Lincoln, as reported in Geoff Baker's article, “Dysfunction at the Top: Eric Wedge, others point to trouble in Marinersí front office,” in yesterday's Seattle Times.

Lincoln and Armstrong don't come off well here but Zduriencik comes off worse. A question I haven't seen raised yet about this article: Was the overpayment of Robinson Cano (10 years/$240 million) an attempt to head off these criticisms before they saw print? Imagine if this story had been published and we hadn't signed Cano. Would jobs be on the line? Are they now? Should they be?

Other insiders leveling charges at the front office:

  • Former Mariners special assistant Tony Blengino
  • Former professional scouting director Carmen Fusco
  • Patrick Guerrero, the M's former top Latin American scout
  • Various unnamed scouts still with the team
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