Monday July 22, 2013

Quote of the Day

“If I was a big-studio production chief whose survival depended on greenlighting as many dumb-ass, CG-driven superhero-franchise-comicbook bullshit jizz-whiz movies (Batman Meets Superman, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Edge of Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Suck My Dick 3) as possible, I would need to get a colonic every weekend just to get rid of the poisons in my system. To say I would be seething with contempt for the tens of millions of fanboys who pay for my lifestyle Ö that would be putting it mildly. Ahabís last words would have nothing on me.”

-- Jeffrey Wells, “Jean Luc Godard's Contempt,” on his Hollywood Elsewhere blog.

Ten-to-one someone's working on “Suck My Dick 3” right now.

Ang Lee's Hulk

Why Jeff mad? Make Hulk scared.

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