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“When you say MEDIUM, we hear LARGE.”

--Sign outside the Southdale Theater, an AMC chain, promoting AMC's “Stubs” program, which involves tracking your movie purchases (seemingly for you, really for them), rewards for every $100 spent (encouraging you to spend that), and free upgrades on popcorn and “fountain drinks” (i.e., the cheap stuff). Bad name, bad campaign, bad slogan. Seriously, when I say 'medium,' I'd rather you heard 'medium.'

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Mister B wrote:

This reminds me of that short-lived McDonald's ad campaign, “Go Big Or Go Home”

Really? Very few of the items on your menu are actually good for me and now I'm being taunted by Ronald McDonald — and strong-armed by the Hamburglar?

...and don't even get me started on Taco Bell's “Fourthmeal” nonsense. In my day, “fourthmeal” was the time of night when I ACTUALLY WENT TO SLEEP BECAUSE I REALLY NEEDED TO STOP EATING!

Remember when stores and fast-food restaurants weren't open 24 hours a day? If it was after 10 or 11 pm (especially on a non-weekend night) and you were still hungry, if you couldn't find something to eat at home, you either went to a bar or you went to bed.

I suppose it's great for those people who work graveyard shifts to have the same access to crappy food as us “daywalkers”, but I don't believe there are enough of those night people working to get this economy turned around.

Every now and then, I see these ad campaigns and I get the sneaking suspicions when we're finally visited by beings from outer space, they're going to give us “educational text” that will turn out to be a cookbook — and with my luck, I'll be the last guy boarding the ship when a scientist figures that out.

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