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“The Mariners are doing it with Smoak and mirrors.”

—my friend Jim McCloskey sitting with me at the M's game last night, which the M's won 5-2 over the Minnesota Twins. It's Jim's contention that the Mariners only have two Major Leaguers in their everyday lineup—Ichiro Suzuki and Justin Smoak—and yet we got to see another victory. Ringing doubles, solo homeruns. Back-to-back homeruns by Adam Kennedy and recent call-up Carlos Peguero. When was the last time I saw the M's do that at Safeco? 2003? Another great pitching performance by Michael Pineda, who's a top tier rookie-of-the-year candidate. In the 9th we saw some shoddy defense and overmanagement by Eric Wedge as he needlessly went to his bullpen to relieve a reliver. But still a victory.

Smoak now has the 8th-best OPS in the American League: .933. The next-best Mariner is 58th, Ichiro, with .700. Among the bottom seven in the league you'll find three Mariners: Miguel Olivo at .535, Brendan Ryan at .525, and dead last, Michael Saunders at .483. Smoak and mirrors, indeed. 

Oddly, I'm 3-0 at Safeco this year. The law of averages salivates at the thought of my return.

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Tim wrote:

Jim is right, though I still hold out hope that Chone Figgins will reappear someday. And I would count Jack Wilson as a real major leaguer too, but Eric Wedge seems to hate him if his part-timer status is any indication. Fortunately the starting rotation is 80-100% major league stuff, depending on whether or not Bedard is Jeckyll or Hyde. If only the bullpen was as reliable....

Comment posted on Tue. May 17, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Erik wrote:

I'm losing hope on Figgins. It was a smart signing but... I can only wait so long.

On the plus side, once they call up Ackley, we can have the Justin and Dustin show.

Comment posted on Tue. May 17, 2011 at 01:55 PM
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