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“I think itís safe for me to say that what Tim was trying to do by going to war was to look into the souls of men, whose truths are perhaps more exposed in that environment than in any otheróand to show the rest of us what he saw. He gave us a legacy in the important work he left behind, and, for those of us who had the honor to know Tim as a friend, a cherished memory of a man whose own soul was very intact.”

--Jon Lee Anderson in his post, “Remembering Tim Hetherington,” about the co-director of “Restrepo,” on The New Yorker site. The site has also posted a slideshow of Hetherington's photography.

Tim Hetherington's photo, of a soldier in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, which won the World Press Photo Award in 2007.
Tim Hetherington's photo of a soldier in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan; it was awarded World Press Photo of the Year in 2007.
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