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Thursday February 07, 2013

Quote of the Day

“Last year's [58% voter] turnout was right in the middle of the 17 elections presented in this chartóbetter than eight, but worse than eight. ... The friendly and civic-minded people of Minnesota always have the nation's highest turnout, and this year an admirable 75.7 percent of them came to the polls. At the other end, four states came in below 50 percent: Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Hawaii, bringing up the rear at 44 percent.”

-- Paul Waldman, “Voter Turnout in 2012: Meh,” on The American Prospect site.

Yay Minnesota! Of the four states who don't show up, meanwhile, three are deep red and one is deep blue (Hawaii). Waldman explores, or at least links to, an explanation for HI. Apparently we know the explanation in TX, OK and WV.

U.S. voter turnout: 1948-2012. From The American Prospect

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