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Paul Waldman, The American Prospect, wonders whether publishers don't have responsibility in the Texas schoolbook controversy:

When this issue is discussed, the publishers are talked about as if they have no agency, no ability to affect the outcome of these events. But they're morally culpable for participating in these farces. If they wanted, they could stand up to the state of Texas. So how can the people who work at a publisher in good conscience agree to write a biology textbook that treats evolution as a wild, unsupported idea? What if the Texas Board of Education demanded that their books discuss the “controversy” about whether the Earth travels around the sun or vice-versa, or the “controversy” about whether earthquakes happen because the turtle on whose back the world sits is scratching an itch, or the “controversy” about whether stars are actually faeries winking at us from up in the sky? Would the publishers say, “OK, if that's what you want, we'll write it and print it”? Someone should ask them where they draw the line on their integrity.

My review of “The Revisionaries,” a 2012 documentary on the subject.

So what is it about Texas and schoolbooks? A schoolbook depository in 1963 changed America's future. Now schoolbooks in Texas are trying to change America's past. Both for the worse.

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