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Tuesday June 19, 2012

Quote of the Day

“Itís not exactly a news flash that [Adam] Sandler isnít making movies for me or people like me, but even by the standards of his lackadaisical, vulgar comedies, 'Thatís My Boy' plumbs a new low. (Admittedly, itís probably not worse than the insulting 'Grown Ups' or the bilious and hateful 'Jack and Jill,' although itís dirtier than either. Suddenly 'You Donít Mess With the Zohan' and 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,' both of which are basically terrible, look like understated works of Lubitsch-style comic genius.)”

--Andrew O'Hehir in “Adam Sandler Hates You,” his review of “That's My Boy,” which, incidentally, died at the box office.

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