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“I will freely admit joining in the mockery of Ronald Reagan for his naps and gaffes, and of George W. Bush for his struggle, as someone memorably put it, 'to wrap his lips around the English language.' But such mockery is nothing like the malice that rose against Jack Kennedy in his time and rises today against Barack Obama, for reasons that start with resentment of his race, and his grace, and just roll on from there, looking for presentable rationalizations.”

-- Ron Meador in his MinnPost piece, “Ugly political malice isn't as new, or as marginal, as we might like to think,” as he recalls cheers that arose from his sixth-grade classmates in Indiana when the teacher announced the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy. See also: “Heading into Nut Country: from Dealey Plaza to the Tea Party.”

Right-wing nut posters on JFK and Barack Obama

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