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Quick Quiz: Who is This Baby?

And don't say Bert Lahr's kid.

The first live-action screen image of Kal-El, or Superman, from "Superman" (1948), starring Kirk Alyn

First clue: It was a first on the silver screen.

Second clue: It's from a movie in the 1940s.

Third clue: The baby, in the movie, is looking up at his parents, who are about to die.

Fourth clue: The real name of the baby isn't famous. It isn't even known. It's who the baby is playing.

UPDATE: Longtime reader Reed got it below. It's the first, live-action, screen incarnation of Kal-El, or Superman, in the 1948 serial “Superman,” starring Kirk Alyn. If anyone knows who played the baby, let me know. doesn't have it.

I will now update the tags, etc.

Posted at 07:42 AM on Thu. Apr 18, 2013 in category Superman  
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Reed wrote:

Based on recent posts, I'm going to guess that this has to be Kal-El McGillicutty. What do I win...?

Comment posted on Thu. Apr 18, 2013 at 09:12 AM

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