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Tuesday October 24, 2023

Powell, Chesebro & Ellis LLP

“He’s had lawyers abandon their ethics for him for decades. And he puts enormous pressure on lawyers. That’s why Trump went through a lot of lawyers, in my own view. ... Trump has no ability to be grateful. Gratitude is something that does not exist in his narcissistic world. So, the fact that these people are sacrificing their lives, reputations, and careers, that will not register with him.“

-- former Trump attorney Ty Cobb, who repped Trump without getting into legal trouble on his own, to Politico, on the day that former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis joined Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro in pleading guilty to charges stemming from attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. In my day job, we featured Cobb back in 2015, when the world was young. He was a D.C. lawyer with strong Kansas ties, and that name, so of course called the feature ”The Kansas Peach.“ 

From later in the Politico article: ”...all three lawyers pleading guilty in the Georgia case have agreed to surrender relevant documents to prosecutors..."

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