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I was reminded of the JFK “Wanted for Treason” poster, popular in Texas in the early 1960s, while watching the documentary “Oswald's Ghost” the other night, then easily found the Obama poster, one of the milder anti-Obama propaganda pieces out there, via Google. I've said it before: In 50 years, the extreme right in this country has managed to change exactly one letter. They've gone from Birchers to Birthers.

Wanted posters for JFK and Obama

The content of the above posters may be the same but the form of each bears scrutiny. In the early '60s, it was enough to convict Pres. Kennedy through a modern, FBI prism. Maybe the extreme right now views the FBI, a government organization, as equally suspect, so they have to delve even deeper into American history and mythology to make their case. They need to see themselves as cowboys, not knowing the derivation of cowboys. They're forced to rely on Hollywood mythmaking, even as they despise Hollywood. They think they're protecting America when they represent the worst of America.

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jackriley53 wrote:

hmmmm.........I was getting a little concerned because I thought “What's wrong with ”birthing“? Is that like a ”Breeder"? Which, I guess, is a club I belong to. Luckily the Urban Slang Dictionary sorted me out. Had no idea there was a movement with this name.
Blissfully Ignorant In Marysville

Comment posted on Sat. Feb 26, 2011 at 07:11 AM

DikShuttle wrote:

FBI is definitely suspect. Versace.

Comment posted on Tue. Mar 26, 2013 at 09:39 AM
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