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Sunday May 17, 2020

Palmer Raid

Well, this made my day.

For the past few weeks, Joe Posnanski has been counting down the 60 greatest moments in baseball history, and today's is a nice one about Jim Palmer outdueling Sandy Koufax in Game 2 of the 1966 World Series. Thing is, it's not that famous a moment. It's not as famous as, say, George Brett's pine-tar tirade (No. 44), or Yogi Berra's safe-at-home tirade (No. 47), but there it is at No. 43. Some part of me thinks Joe put it there because he left Palmer off his top 100 list. It's one of the glaring omissions but I kinda knew why he did it: Palmer's WAR numbers aren't Hall-of-Fame great. They‘re not as great as Palmer was. Which Joe writes about in today’s piece, along with what the various WARs might be missing. It's interesting stuff. So after reading the piece, I added a comment stating as much.

And then I got this.

How fun is that?

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