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Overreacting with Color Coding: 1975

“The biggest bomb at the Pentagon recently was Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's Christmas party for the department's 22,000 employees. The recently appointed secretary decided to introduce himself by throwing a handshaking party. Expecting one of the largest reception lines in history, Rumsfeld had aides devise a three-party, color-coded pass system to prevent congestion and delay. ... There were few takers. Rumsfeld set aside three hours and was prepared to stay longer. Only 200-odd employees showed up, however, and by 4:00 a bewildered Rumsfeld was standing virtually alone with his deputy defense secretary, William Clements.”

New Times magazine, January 23, 1976

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Mister B wrote:

...and some 25, 26 years later, we learned our lesson from that fiasco by creating another color-coded security system that has helped no one in this country feel safer -- except maybe the guy whose job it was to create it because at least HE had a job.
Comment posted on Sun. Jul 26, 2009 at 05:25 PM
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