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Odds Ever in 'Hunger Games's Favor: Grosses $155 Million Opening Weekend

“The Hunger Games,” which most analysts thought would do well this weekend, actually did better: It grossed more than $155 million for the third-highest-grossing opening weekend of all time—after only the last “Harry Potter” movie ($169m) and “The Dark Knight” ($158m).

Even adjusted for inflation, “THG” is in fifth place. It opened in 4,136 theaters.

“Hunger” also shattered the mark for an opening weekend in March and the opening weekend for a non-sequel, both of which had been held by Tim Burton's “Alice in the Wonderland,” which grossed $116 million in March 2010.

Its studio, “Lionsgate,” best known for Tyler Perry and “Saw” movies, as well as for foisting “Crash” on us all, has never had such a hit. Not even close. Its biggest hit prior to this was Michael Moore's “Fahrenheit 911,” which grossed $119 million during the summer of 2004.

“Hunger Games” killed the competition as well. Every returning movie showing in more than 1,000 theaters dropped more than 40% from the previous weekend. Disney's “John Carter” suffered the most, dropping 63.1%. Its three-weekend total is now at $62 million and doesn't look to get much higher.

Meanwhile, “21 Jump Street” dropped 41% to take in another $21 million. Its total gross is $71 million.

My reviews of “The Hunger Games” and “John Carter” up later this week.

The mocking totals here.

Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games" (2012)

Katniss killing the competition.

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